FACTS - Shark Finning

-Removal and retention of shark fins
-Discarding carcass at sea
-Shark often still alive when tossed back to water
-Left unable to swim the shark slowly sinks to bottom of sea
-Its eaten alive by other fish or bleeds to death
100 Million sharks killed each year for their fins!

Its a multi-billion dollar industry......and all for a bowl of soup!!
If we stop restaurants serving shark fins, then we stop the demand.
'when the buying stops, the killing will too' - Wild Aid Campaign

Stop Red Chilli Restaurants serving Shark Fin. Click here to SIGN THE PETITION

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Well so far...so good! We have nearly hit the 1000 target and plan to keep it going for a little bit longer to see if we can get a few more signatures. Red Chilli have not responded to any emails, so we think they are going to be tough to persuade, so the more signatures...the better! Once again thank you for your continued support and keep spreading the word folks!

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